Play PUBG in Windows 7,8,10 For Free :: Here’s Simple Trick : 100% Working….

PUBG  for Windows is not free. It costs Rs. 999. But Here’s Simple Trick by which we can play it for free.

      Tencent Gaming Buddy is an official platform for Windows operating system from Tencent that allows gamers to play mobile games from both iOS and Android systems on a desktop or laptop computer.
     In essence, Tencent Gaming Buddy is an full fledged Android emulator, but is optimized and tuned by Tencent to ensure smoothness of gameplay, satisfactory performance, and ease of use. While improving Tencent Gaming Buddy Android emulator, Tencent has also kind of locking down the Android emulator – a lot of features and functions that available on typical Android emulator is hidden or locked out from use.
                For example, you won’t find any app stores or Google services. Nor you can find any button or drag and drop function that allows you to easily install Android app’s APK.


>Especially when it comes to keyboard and mouse controls, the default mapping for >PUBG Mobile >using Tencent Buddy is actually pretty solid. Here’s how the keys and presses will be configured after a fresh install.



  • >WASD/ Directionals: Move
  • >Left Click: Fire, punch or melee
  • >Right Click: ADS
  • >Spacebar: Jump, vault, swim
  • >C: Crouch
  • >Z: Prone
  • >Free Look: Alt (Look around without losing your aim)
  • >Shift: Sprint
  • >Mouse Lock: Auto Run
  • >Throwables (Frags, Smokes, Molotovs, Stuns): 4, 5, 6
  • >Heal Items (Medkit, First Aid, Bandage, Energy Drink, Syringe): 7.8,9,0
  • >F1: Quickly displays controls
  • >F: Interact


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