Why are the 4G speeds in India lower when compared to the western nations?

>4G is the talk of the town, but buffering is still a reality in India! The average 4G LTE data speed in India has remained static for more than a year — at about 6.1Mbps — which is almost a third of the global average of about 17 Mbps, making it among the slowest countries on this metric.

>Even as the big telcos step up 4G deployment, brace for 5G and talk of offering fibre-based home broadband at starting speeds of 100 Mbps soon, data junkies have little reason to cheer.

>India’s 4G download speeds are even slower than that of neighbours Sri Lanka (13.95 Mbps), Pakistan (13.56 Mbps) and Myanmar (15.56 Mbps), according to UK speed tester OpenSignal. They are much lower than developed markets such as the US (16.31 Mbps), UK (23.11Mbps) and Japan (25.39 Mbps).

>US data speed tester Ookla has ranked India 109th — almost at the bottom in its list of 124 nations — on overall mobile internet speeds, with an average download speed of 9.12 Mbps, which is way below the 23.54 Mbps global average. Ookla’s mobile internet speed test results for any country include measurements of various networks — 2G, 3G and 4G.

>OpenSignal analyst Peter Boyland told ET that the comparatively slower speeds in India are due to the “astronomical growth in terms of smartph ..

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